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Vancouver, BC Award Winning Photographer

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~Muliti-Award winning photographer
~Published Photographer
~Full time Photographer
~Specializing in Family and Maternity Photography in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.

My services include:
~Styling you and your family
~Posing you in the most flattering positions
~Ensuring every hair is in place and every shirt is tucked in
~Hair and Makeup
~Prints and Wall Art

Have you ever said 'I am not photogenic"
You just haven't found the right photographer. Let's see if I am the right photographer for you. Click on the link below and I will give you a phone call!

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Your Award-winning Vancouver Portrait Photographer

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Confidence is a powerful thing. It can be the difference between success and failure, happiness and sadness, love and loneliness.
Every woman deserves to feel confident in herself. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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