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Hi, my name is Sabrina Huff. I am a Vancouver Portrait Photographer servicing the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Today I would like to talk about the magic of the ‘GOLDEN HOUR’. For those of you who don’t know what the golden hour is, it is the last hour before the sun sets. It is absolutely the best time for a photo session. The light is soft and dreamy plus you get the added benefit of a beautiful sunset!!! When you shoot mid-day on a sunny afternoon, the sunlight causes harsh shadows on the face. If you photograph in the shade, the background is super bright, while the subject (you) is dark. Golden hour provides a nice, even light to your face and hair. The light is soft and dreamy and creates a beautiful light around the subject.

Unless you are a photographer and shoot outdoors, most people do not realize how magical the golden hour is!

Let me provide some examples at golden hour:

  • Mother Daughter Vancouver Portrait Photographer
  • Maternity Session at the beach Vancouver Portrait Photographer
  • Maternity Session by the water Vancouver Portrait Photographer
  • Maternity session in the water Vancouver Portrait Photographer
  • Maternity Session in White Skirt Portrait Photographer
  • Photoshoot of a boy with the Sunflowers Vancouver Portrait Photographer
  • Photo session of a couple Vancouver Portrait Photographer
  • Family Photo Shoot at the beach Vancouver Portrait Photographer

Below are some images during the day:

  • Sweet photo of a girl under a blanker Professional Photographer
  • Image of a girl
  • Family Mini Session
  • Family Session Cherry Blossoms
  • Cherry Blossom session in Vancouver
  • Photo of a girl with the cherry blossoms Vancouver
  • girl posing with cherry blossoms vancouver
  • Mother baby photo session

As you can see, both sets are beautiful. However, the sunset images are magical and also creates a ‘wow’ effect. Even though I highly recommend the golden hour, sometimes it just is not possible. I can still capture beautiful images during the day but if you think that you can swing a golden hour session, please do! You will not be disappointed!!!

I would be absolutely thrilled to have you in front of my camera! Book a session with Sabrina Huff Photography, your Vancouver Portrait Photographer. I will guide you through everything from wardrobe selection, hair and makeup, location, all the way to wall art and albums. I am a full service photographer, with YOU in mind. Let’s create your dream photo session!

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