Differences of Glamour and Boudoir Photography.

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What is the difference of glamour and boudoir photography in Vancouver? When it comes down to it, not much!

Clothing Choices

When one thinks of boudoir, we think lingerie and/or very little clothing; if any.

Glamour photography consists of more clothing, more glitz and glam. Picture large tulle dresses, ball gowns, and large pieces of jewellery. The end result is the same. The purpose of either session is to empower you, to feel beautiful, to be pampered, or to celebrate who you are in that moment.

Glamour means ‘an attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing’

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Boudoir Photography Vancouver
Glamour Photography

Boudoir means ‘a woman’s bedroom or private room’.

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Boudoir Photography

How Boudoir and Glamour Photography In Vancouver Is The Same

  1. The Purpose

The purpose of getting boudoir or glamour portraits is to empower you, to feel beautiful, and to celebrate who you are. Society has created this idea of what beauty should be: it is a certain age, weight, or specific look to be considered beautiful which simply isn’t the truth! Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. It is your uniqueness that makes you beautiful. When you embrace who you are, your beauty shines through.

2. It Makes a Great Gift and Keepsake

A lot of clients come to me because they want to treat themselves or give a gift to their partner. It is a very personal gift and keepsake that can be treasured forever. We are constantly changing with age, possibly weight, but we can’t freeze time. We can, however, capture that moment in time and treasure it.

3. Looking For Self-Confidence

Sometimes clients have come to me for a glamour or boudoir session because they lack the self confidence and are looking to feel beautiful and empowered. There is power in a beautiful portrait as you start to see yourself in a different light, you see your beauty that you never knew was there and It can be life changing. When you start to love yourself, you become open to giving and receiving love.

How Clients Describe My Photography Style

Clients describe my photography style as ‘glamour-boudior’ because of the beautiful gowns and the romantic flair. There is a touch of boudoir quality to the portraits that make them feel extra special, thus creating beautiful works of art that is you!

Do you agree with the above differences and similarities of Glamour/Boudoir photography in Vancouver?

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