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Family is the place where ‘life begins and love never ends’. When two people decide to spend their lives together, they do not get just a roof over their head. But they surround themselves with love, laughter and children. The chaos of attending to a newborn’s wails, to watching your toddler take that first step, to seeing them grow into beautiful young adults, to witnessing their life journey is what makes families complete.

As we get sucked into responsibilities of managing a family, we often tend to miss out on creating happy memories. Yes, you may be clicking a lot of selfies on your phone and thinking that here, my memories are preserved. But seldom are you able to actually create a memory. These endless photos get dumped into the hard drive never to be seen again. They are not printed, nor stored properly. Simply they get lost. That’s why you should consider fine art family portraits.

There are many family photographers in Vancouver but when you seek the best, you should get in touch with the best. Your family fine art photography deserves to be carefully curated, planned and commissioned by someone who values families, understands the challenges involved and patiently walks you through the entire process.

As a Greater Vancouver family photographer, I have been lucky to create happy memories for families. I believe that photographs shouldn’t just record a passage of time but should be a timeless evidence of a period in your life that you would want to forever cherish. Whenever I take family portraits in Vancouver, my aim is to record that moment between your family in the most beautiful way possible.

I only book 4-6 sessions a month to ensure I provide ample time to each one of my clients. Our sessions can last anywhere from 1-3 hours based on your vision. Book soon and let's create magic!


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I will come to your home to help with wardrobe selection and location(s) based on your vision. We can also discuss the ideal place for where your portraits will be hung in your home. You will feel stress-free after I leave, knowing every detail is taken care of. 


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Today is about you and whoever you choose to share it with! Hair and makeup will come to you. We will then meet at our chosen location and start our session. I will ensure that you feel relaxed in front of the camera, focusing on your best angles, and ensuring that your hair isn't out of place or a hair band wasn't  accidentally left on your wrist (we've all been there). 

Don't worry if your child isn't cooperating or your baby is crying. You would be amazed with what I have seen or what I can capture in the in-between moments! I 100% stand by my photography and will do what I can to ensure beautiful, timeless photographs. 


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Approximately 2 weeks after your session I will come back to your home for your ordering appointment. I’ll show you your beautiful portraits and different design options that fit perfectly in your space, whether that be an album, wall art or another one of the many products we offer.

After you see your portraits, you decide what you want to purchase. You only purchase what you LOVE.

From beginning to end, I am here to provide exceptional service and stunning portraits you will fall in love with.

Your Photographs

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Get Photographed By The Best 

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I am Sabrina, a full service photographer. I specialize in maternity, new-born and family fine art portraits. I believe that photographs should not just be beautiful but also eternal art that adorns your home with pride.
Shooting with expecting mothers, new-borns or with a family with little children is challenging. There can be unexpected crisis, sudden mood swings and whatnot. Having been in the business for some time, I have come to realize that planning is key to a successful family photography in Vancouver. That’s why I take time before adjusting the shutter speed, aperture, and lighting before clicking those photos.
I take care that each session is meticulously planned. However, I keep my mind open that any unwanted situation may arise during the outdoor shoot. That’s okay. If children do not run around, dirty their clothes, or throw a tantrum, who will?
I take you through the entire process – right from selecting the venue, to the clothes, to a theme – to everything. As a family photographer in greater Vancouver, I believe in walking the walk with you. I will always value your opinions and choices. If you want the family portraits to come out in a certain way, I will do my best to make that happen.
After all, my aim is to give you photographs that you can look up to everyday and travel back to a time when your family dressed prettily, went to an amazing location, clicked endless pictures – but most importantly created memories for a lifetime.

How I Help Create Your Beautiful Memories 

Why Choose Me? 

As a Vancouver family photographer, my work has been featured in the Traveling Dress Collective and the Summerana Magazine. My photographs have also been placed among the top 10% in one of the world’s largest photography contests.
Since starting my own family and spending time with my children, I realized how valuable those fleeting moments are. The kids grow up so quickly that capturing every moment spent with them is a treasure for a lifetime. As my wall of memories got adorned with more family portraits, I realized that there are many like me who want to treasure these moments. I help to capture those moments for you.
As a Vancouver family photographer, I have a prepared a mobile studio that allows me to travel around Vancouver without inconveniencing you or your family. My services are available in The Fraser Valley, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford, Richmond, Burnaby, Vancouver, North and West Vancouver region.
That’s not all. Once the family portraits in greater Vancouver are completed, our association doesn’t end. I also provide fine prints of the photographs clicked during the outdoor shoot. I do not like to decide alone and prefer to sit with you before selecting the ones that goes into the frames. Only the best pictures make it to the final cut.
I promise to make this a partnership you will cherish forever. Whenever you will look at the picture, you will be reminded of a wonderful day. My priority is always to keep my clients happy – I go out of my way to do so.

How Much Does It Cost? 

“How much will a family photography in greater Vancouver cost?” This is one of the common questions clients ask me. I understand why this is such an important question. People often believe that family portraits can be expensive. I like to believe that it’s an investment that you will cherish forever. The photographs will remind you of the days when your family stayed under the same roof, when chaos reigned but so did laughter.
There are different payment plans that I offer. You can get in touch with me for a full investment guide. We can finalize a plan that best suits you and me.

Don’t Wait For the Moments to Pass, Treasure Them Now 

So, what are you waiting for? This is the perfect time for your family to play dress up, to go to a surreal, outdoor location and get photographed against insanely beautiful backgrounds. Don’t miss this opportunity to freeze those moments of laughter. Whether it’s your pregnancy days or your newborn’s first photoshoot or simply a family portrait – let’s store these moments forever in the most beautiful way possible.  

Sabrina was exactly what I was looking for in a maternity photographer! She knew exactly what spots were the best in the location we went to and provided the guidance I needed to get the best photos! Quality of the pictures was also top notch 👌. Very much recommend and will be using her for my newborn and year 1 photos. Thank you Sabrina!


Campbell valley park, langley bc


My husband organized a family photo session as I had been hinting that it would be something I'd love to do while our children were still little. I highly recommend Sabrina, she captured some truly treasured photo's of our family and she is did it all while making us feel super comfortable. The kids had an absolute blast which I didn't expect but it was a wonderful bonus!

Campbell valley park, langley bc

angeline k

“We not only have incredible family photos but we also had such a fun time with Sabrina! She is friendly and warm, professional and caring. She was even able to capture wonderful, natural smiles from even my 3 year old and baby. She's amazing! Highly recommend her, you will love your family photographs!”
— Nicole B.

Rupert St | Vancouver, bc


“Sabrina is a fantastic photographer who was great in directing us. She is extremely professional and engaging and very easy to work with. I will continue to use her for future family photos.”
— Allison S.

Campbell valley park, langley bc


There is something magical about Sabrina's photos - they're almost ethereal. She also manages to capture moments of genuine emotional expression. Our last session came out completely wonderfully despite the kids being far from their most cooperative.

-Jenn Faccin

Campbell valley park, langley bc

Jenn faccin

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