You will feel confident knowing that I will help guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. You will get assisted with wardrobe choices, the best locations, posing, and prints. Follow my lead and let's have fun!

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The Photography Experience


Don't worry about looking stiff in photos or knowing what to do. Your job is to enjoy the session while my job is to pose you from head to toe. After all, your session is supposed to be fun and enjoyable with whomever you choose to do a session with. 


Your portraits are created with intention, blending together posed and candid moments; thus creating authentic emotions captured in time.


Everything starts with a complimentary consultation so we can plan your dream portrait session. Each session is customized to your needs and desires. We discuss ideas on locations, wardrobe, and style. 

Based on your vision, your session can last anywhere from 1-3 hours. This allows plenty of time to get everything you want out of your portrait session, while feeling relaxed and having fun!

I only book 4-6 sessions a month to ensure I give you the attention you deserve. 

Once your portrait session is booked, you will receive a style guide to help prepare you for your session.


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Prior to your portrait session, you will receive a style and location consultation.  I will help you choose your wardrobe and we can discuss a location that suits your vision. 

You will also have access to my client closet where I have many beautiful gowns to choose from which means you don't need to go out and purchase outfits for your session, saving you time and money. 

You will feel stress-free, knowing every detail is taken care of. 

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Your portrait session includes hair and makeup from one of the amazing artists on my team. Professional makeup and hair styling will help you feel absolutely beautiful and pampered while boosting your confidence. 

Make sure to plan an evening out afterwards as you are going to feel absolutely amazing!

Today is about you and whoever you choose to share it with! Hair and makeup will come to you. We will then meet at your chosen location and start your session. Don't worry about posing or if your hair is messy. My job is to ensure that you feel relaxed in front of the camera, focusing on your best angles, and capturing beautiful authentic moments for you to cherish forever. 

Don't worry if your child isn't cooperating or your baby is crying. You would be amazed with what I can capture in the in-between moments! Your job is to relax and enjoy this experience!


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Approximately 2 weeks after your session will be your ordering appointment. You will get to see your beautiful portraits and the different product options that will fit perfectly in your space.

After you see your portraits, you decide what you want to purchase. You only purchase what you LOVE. Sabrina Huff Photography offers the highest quality fine-art prints, albums, and wall art. 

From beginning to end, I am here to provide exceptional service and stunning portraits you will fall in love with.

Your Photographs

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Let's do this. Together.

The Process

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An investment in photography is something you will cherish forever. And it's those photographs that will tell your story.

As you decide on your vision, keep in mind two things. First, if you don't know what your dream session is, that's ok. It is my job to help guide you. Second, your photographs are forever. Enjoy your memories over-and-over again with hiring the right photographer with a style you will cherish for decades (and generations) to come.

To schedule your free consultation, click the link below. I am so excited to meet you and help in any way that I can. 

Sessions start at $690.00. 

Get in touch with me for my full investment guide  and let's discuss your vision!

The Investment Details

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