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Are you looking for an amazing maternity session like no other?
Would you like to wear gorgeous maternity gowns so that you don't have to purchase any?
Are you looking to be pampered and feel amazing?

I only book 4-6 sessions a month to ensure I provide ample time to each one of my clients. Our sessions can last anywhere from 1-3 hours based on your vision. Book soon and let's create magic!


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I will come to your home to help with wardrobe selection and location(s) based on your vision. We can also discuss the ideal place for where your portraits will be hung in your home. You will feel stress-free after I leave, knowing every detail is taken care of. 


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Today is about you and whoever you choose to share it with! Hair and makeup will come to you. We will then meet at our chosen location and start our session. I will ensure that you feel relaxed in front of the camera, focusing on your best angles, and ensuring that your hair isn't out of place or a hair band wasn't  accidentally left on your wrist (we've all been there). 

Don't worry if your child isn't cooperating or your baby is crying. You would be amazed with what I have seen or what I can capture in the in-between moments! I 100% stand by my photography and will do what I can to ensure beautiful, timeless photographs. 


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Approximately 2 weeks after your session I will come back to your home for your ordering appointment. I’ll show you your beautiful portraits and different design options that fit perfectly in your space, whether that be an album, wall art or another one of the many products we offer.

After you see your portraits, you decide what you want to purchase. You only purchase what you LOVE.

From beginning to end, I am here to provide exceptional service and stunning portraits you will fall in love with.

Your Photographs

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Before our session date, you have the opportunity to try on the maternity gowns to see which ones you love. This can also help when choosing the rest of the families outfits. 
On your session date, the hair and makeup artist will pamper you, bringing out your best assets and allowing you to feel absolutely relaxed and beautiful. 

We will then start our session and I will guide you with all the best poses and we will create beautiful portraits that you will fall in love with and cherish forever! 

The Experience

Don’t Let This Moment Pass 

Each pregnancy is different and thus should be treated differently. Each  pregnancy is so special and I encourage you to capture these moments that you and your baby can cherish forever.

Following the Session

Approximately three weeks after the session, we will set up an in-home consultation to view your portraits.

You only purchase the portraits that you absolutely love.
You will have the option to purchase additional prints, albums, or wall art.
Once the images have been selected, I will work on perfecting the images that will go for printing.
Every final image selected is of high quality and is retouched according to your wishes. From wall arts to albums and portfolio boxes – I can give you anything you want.

Interested in booking a free consultation to see if this is the session for you? Send me a message and let's connect!

Sabrina was exactly what I was looking for in a maternity photographer! She knew exactly what spots were the best in the location we went to and provided the guidance I needed to get the best photos! Quality of the pictures was also top notch 👌. Very much recommend and will be using her for my newborn and year 1 photos. Thank you Sabrina!




My husband organized a family photo session as I had been hinting that it would be something I'd love to do while our children were still little. I highly recommend Sabrina, she captured some truly treasured photo's of our family and she is did it all while making us feel super comfortable. The kids had an absolute blast which I didn't expect but it was a wonderful bonus!


angeline k

“We not only have incredible family photos but we also had such a fun time with Sabrina! She is friendly and warm, professional and caring. She was even able to capture wonderful, natural smiles from even my 3 year old and baby. She's amazing! Highly recommend her, you will love your family photographs!”
— Nicole B.

Rupert St | Vancouver, bc


“Sabrina is a fantastic photographer who was great in directing us. She is extremely professional and engaging and very easy to work with. I will continue to use her for future family photos.”
— Allison S.

Vancouver BC


There is something magical about Sabrina's photos - they're almost ethereal. She also manages to capture moments of genuine emotional expression. Our last session came out completely wonderfully despite the kids being far from their most cooperative.

-Jenn Faccin

Vancouver bc

Jenn faccin

lovely words from clients

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